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Vider (room diVider) partitions any room with refined simplicity. Winoldi’s roll up room divider is available in five designs. Vider Champagne and Chrome play with transparency and reflection. Ink and Mint are uni-coloured, Classic is a timeless white and silver weave.

With a background in both sculpture and art direction, designer Mark Jan Meerdink’s work is based on construction as well as graphic design. The weave of aluminium and rubber gives Vider body and flexibility: the screen can be placed in any curve or S-shape. The rubber edges provide well rounded curves.

Meerdink has paid a lot of attention to usability and durability. Rolled into a pillar, a standard size Vider measures only 22 cm in diameter. Its weight is 26 kg. Vider is meant to be used indoors, it is weatherproof nevertheless. The components have a guaranteed lifespan of 30+ years.