Vogue, Wallpaper, National Geographic, V magazine, Wired, Rolling Stone and Esquire; their covers are little pieces of art. We store them in a stack or cabinet, which is shame because we don’t see the covers this way. Mark Jan Meerdink, designer of interior objects has found a solution: magazine screen Cover, a functional roomdivider in which you can flaunt your favourite magazines face-up. Cover is a made to measure aluminium frame hanging from stainless steel wires. You can fill Cover as you please; with magazines, newspapers or other publications. The frame then becomes an exclusive, personal and living roomdividing screen. When a magazine is outdated, you replace it with a new one; Cover can be as glossy, hip or serious as you want it to be. Roomdivider, vertical reading table and acoustic barrier in one. Ideal for large open (office) spaces. Cover can float freely in space, hanging from the ceiling, or it can be placed against the wall as editable wall decoration.

Made to measure Cover
Cover can be ordered by the square meter in every height or width you desire. wall to wall /floor to ceiling. If you wish, we can install your Cover for you. You can choose to fill Cover yourself or have have Mark Jan Meerdink make a unique compilation of the best looking magazines.

The horizontals are anodised aluminium (3x20mm). The vertical are double stainless steel wires (2mm). A 2,5x3m magazine filled screen weighs about 45 Kgs. A screen this size uses 4 double steel wires; the frame could carry 160 Kg.