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FORME D'ARIA | Premium Melograno
Forme d'aria by Marco Piva
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Product description

Furniture diffuser “FORME D'ARIA"

design by Marco Piva
Fragance: Pomegranate
Dimensions: Base x height: m 8,2 x 9,5
Total height (with sticks): cm 25
Number of sticks: 10
Content: 200ml
Box premium weight: Kg 1, 85
Box premium dimensions: cm 36 x 36 x 11,5
Cover dimensions: cm 36 x 36 x 5,2

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I always gravitated towards the idea of giving shape to abstract thoughts, those fluctuating myriad colours, light and shadows that cross our minds in pensive moments snatched from the concrete physicality of the world around us. They are moving images that are impossible to take a snapshot of, and impossible to reduce to a defined object.
Yet, these images preface the following composition of thoughts, ways of thinking and mental paths that evoke images of memories, numbers and words to mind.
The transitive, foggy and sometimes hypnotic shapes that I’m talking about condense the quality and quantity of meanings that are difficult to succinctly express in mere words.
I’m talking about shapes that are related to the air, shapes that remind us of a visual sensation – a colour, a ring of light, lightening, or a background noise – a vibration, beating, profound – or even something relating to smell – a scent or an aroma. For me, the best way to express and depict these “mental shapes” are watercolours and tempera.
Often, I try to represent what I love to call my “shapes of air” by mixing coloured rings, then layering them or making them thicker with markings and spots in order to find a “non-shape”, something that is a purely visual and mental emotion.
It's interesting to continue the creative process by reworking these transparent and irregular shapes using CGI.
Here, what was just a transitive perception, pauses, reflects, multiplies and regenerates in a journey that becomes both a composition and a story. Forme d’Aria (Air Shapes) is the chosen theme in interpreting the priceless IWishYou labels for Affreschi & Affreschi, and the graphical elements studied in order to present an urbane and attentive audience with a collection of perfumes and selection of exclusive wines. My Air Shapes are enclosed in essential oil and perfume bottles, they shall release their scent around us by evaporating into the air to encircle the lavish and elegant bottle shapes containing fine wines. Once poured into glasses and goblets they shall release their colours, smells and aromas for a unique and sublime unforgettable experience.