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TRINITY tiles explore the depths of meticulous designs in a seemingly easily mastered realm – the 2D-surface of a floor. A single plane – and yet, with the intricate variations in the shapes of Trinity, it can deliver an appealing source of challenges for a creative mind, and an unending source of beauty for the observer of a complete creation. Combining three geometric shapes – a triangle, a parallelogram and a trapeze – the designer can direct attention, and structure the plane to be in line with the space design concept that will be installed beside it. TRINITY is a prime opportunity to reach out from the conventional world of rectangles on floors, diving into yet another creative opportunity brought by IVANKA to designers all over the Globe.

Our trademark IVANKA High Performance Concrete (I-HPC) reinforced with high-density fibre, surface protected for water and stain resistance. The concrete produced by IVANKA is an extremely durable and resistant material, suitable for indoors and outdoors, domestic and public use.

Concrete is a breathing material with all its inhomogenous surfaces and cloudy appearances, and we love it as such. Being a hygroscopic material, moisture is absorbed and released from concrete as the surrounding humidity changes. The play of colour tone differences between each pigment-dyed Flaster, or even on one surface, make it a living material completely different from dead, sterile plastics. Efflorescence is a specialty of all cement-bonded materials, and is a natural and fully harmless feature of concrete.

The aging of the concrete is a natural and aesthetically pleasing characteristic that influences its appearance in a graceful manner.