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BUDDYis3 550B
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Visitor chair with armrests
Cantilever frame
Tubular steel frame
Seat and back upholstered
Stacking height: 4 pieces

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The creation of connections between people, between styles and between situations: that is the fundamental idea behind BUDDY-is3, the new visitor and conference chair from Interstuhl.

If you ask people to imagine what their ideal conference or visitor chair would be like, the answer seems to be an impossible challenge: it should be in perfect harmony with any situation, and at the same time should be appealing and full of character. It should be practical and adaptable, and at the same time offer a top-quality seating experience. In developing BUDDYis3, Interstuhl set itself the task of combining all these apparently contradictory requirements.
What emerged was a family of chairs that succeeds in having great per-sonality without being dominant. BUDDYis3 is notable for its lightness, its freshness, and an intelligent total design concept. Intelligence in terms of this range of chairs means on the one hand superb, top-quality engineer-ing. On the other hand, intelligence is evident in the impressive efficiency: above the seat, BUDDYis3 always remains the same. Its different base versions make it into a conference swivel chair, a cantilever or a four-legged visitor chair. When required, different BUDDYis3 versions can be combined with each other at any time.
The characteristic dynamic backrest frame of BUDDYis3 can be covered optionally with a light mesh or upholstery. The mesh backrest gives BUD-DYis3 a transparent lightness. The slim upholstery flexibly follows the contours of the body, providing maximum comfort without looking at all cumbersome. So BUDDYis3 looks wonderfully comfortable and support-ive, whilst remaining slim and delicate.
So what is it that gives BUDDYis3 this lightness? The answer lies in the clear-cut design lines and the well thought out details, such as the armrest connection, elegantly integrated into the backrest. If armrests are re-quired, they are perfectly incorporated with the backrest. The backrest looks just as harmonious without armrests.

BUDDYis3 is available as a conference swivel chair, a cantilever, and a four-legged chair, with or without castors.
One of the remarkable things about the conference swivel chair is its abil-ity to blend in to every kind of room design and layout. The seat height of the conference swivel chair can be adjusted seamlessly by means of a gaslift. The seat shell is positioned in such a way that it follows the dy-namic movement of animated conversation, though it can also be locked if required.
The visitor chair versions of BUDDYis3 are also extremely comfortable and visually appealing. They blend perfectly in places where there is al-ready other seating, such as office swivel chairs. Yet BUDDYis3 is much more than just an additional chair at a desk. BUDDYis3 comes into its own when a large number of chairs need to be put into big spaces. The cantile-ver version of BUDDYis3 is uncomplicated and elegant. The chair is dy-namic, with a beautiful shape, and classic without being too conservative. The four-legged version of BUDDYis3 is just made for training and seminar rooms. It is light, easy to move and easy to stack, making it a simple job to set out a range of chairs in rooms that are used in a flexible way.
Regardless of which version of BUDDYis3 is being used, it is always fresh and cheerful, with an exciting design, and yet fits in seamlessly. One of the main reasons for this ability to fit in is the almost limitless variety of col-our and design versions available. As well as the vast choice of fabric co-vers and colours, there are two different colour designs to choose from for the frame and base.
BUDDYis3 was designed by Sven von Boetticher. The designer was par-ticularly focused on creating a connection between clarity of shape, a large number of versions and the widest possible range of combinations. Quiet or brash, for individual visitors or conferences, stand-alone or in a group – BUDDYis3 fits in to every conceivable situation and creates space for communication.