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Chenille Warp Yesterday
Chenille Warp
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Remember your grandmother's old chenille bedspread? That striping effect was created by tufting rows of yarn into a thick fabric. With just enough nostalgia to be retro cool, Chenille Warp celebrates the stripes that are found everywhere - from fashion to furniture to accessories. Available in bright rainbow colors and subtle neutral tones, the real beauty of Chenille Warp is that it can be installed in one direction (brick) or quarter-turned. Each installation results in a completely different aesthetic.

Our two Chenille Warp Patterns are created by blending the striated texture of Chenille Warp with bold geometric patterns from the 1960s and 1970s. Psychedelic(TM) has a circular pattern layered over the existing linear texture, and Happening(TM) features a midsize geometric overlay.