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The Classical Valet Stand SS
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Product description

For those who prefer low maintenance metal that will not tarnish, we offer the option of polished stainless steel, which matches the Sapele wood (African Mahogany) and embodies modern luxury.

The valet hanger is sculpted from one piece of solid hardwood to provide the ultimate rest for and increase the longevity of your sharp tailored suit.

All inserts and fittings are made from high quality stainless steel and this valet stand is designed to be long lasting but with easily refinished or replaceable parts if ever necessary.

Height: 140cm (55.11"")
Width: 44cm (17.40"")
Depth: 50cm (19.68"")

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Through exclusive attention to detail this stylish gentleman's valet stand is a manifestation of cohesion between British master craftsmanship and classical design to celebrate the passion we share with you for the highest quality sartorial garments, shoes and accessories.

The valet, with its timeless design will become a perfect accent for either traditional or contemporary interior design. And it does not matter whether you use the valet stand to prepare your wardrobe for the following exciting day or after finishing the workday. It serves you in following your own rituals.
When creating this example of our collection we also took into consideration hospitality industry spaces such as hotel suites, luxury spas, lounge areas and gentleman's clubs.