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italic ladder
italic ladder
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As a clothes rack, valet stand, wardrobe substitute or room divider – the italic solid wood ladder is wonderfully versatile. Its purist design allows it to fit easily into all kinds of home interiors. As an attractive and extremely practical decorative item it enhances any living area: from the bedroom to the dressing room or bathroom. In the kitchen you can hang tea towels on the rungs. In the entrance area of a home it functions as a coat rack, where scarves and jackets can be hung. italic can also be decorated with lamps, fairy lights or house plants – the creative possibilities are endless! The ladder is available in two different sizes, or as a set of two, and just leans casually against the wall. Alternatively two ladders can be joined to make a freestanding piece of furniture. The uprights are carefully designed to slant, so that italic always stands securely. This slanting design is also the inspiration for the name of the ladder, after the sloping “italic” style of script. To use the top rung of the ladder as a rail for garments on coat hangers, you can simply remove the second and third rungs. These rungs are attached using a straightforward joint that can be easily demounted, although this is not obvious at first glance. Two ladders can be easily joined to make a delightful room divider, using the leather straps supplied with the ladders.