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Shower spray guard
Range 805
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Product description

- One rail with plain white shower curtain, flame-resistant to DIN 4102/B1
- Can be lifted up and, braked, downward
- With wall mounting plate made of polyamide with integrated steel core and stainless steel cover
- Shower spray guard curtain with hemmed sides and stainless steel strip rolled hem at the bottom
- Shower spray guard curtain is fixed to the rail by loop tabs with Velcro fastenings
- Rail 940 mm long, rail diameter 33 mm, wall-mounting plate 78 mm wide, 259 mm long
- Shower curtain 850 mm high and 880 mm wide or made to measure, total height with curtain 967 mm
- Curtain with protective finish against mould and mildew spots
- Shower spray guard curtain shower-tight made of 100% Trevira CS
- Rail made of high-quality stainless steel with satin finish surface

L: 940 mm
Rail diameter 33 mm

Wall plate
W: 78 mm
L: 259 mm
Shower curtain
H: 850 mm
W: 880 mm

Product family


The reduced design of Range 805 enables clear arrangement of the room. Right down to the smallest detail, this range shows that good design and intelligent functions form a unified whole. For example, the functional area of the products is contrasted with high-quality polyamide. By using polyamide, the operating elements are pleasant to grip. Because of their colour, they are highly contrasting and set themselves apart, therefore making them easy to recognise. Universal design takes into account the requirements of all users. Range 805 was developed on the basis of this philosophy. The range not only includes classic sanitary accessories and products with a slight supporting effect, but also products with complex accessibility functions for use in standardised public areas.