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Gustafs Gpod is the truly mobile workspace for comfort and privacy. A space for undisturbed working and meetings up to four persons. The world class sound insulation blocks the sound and your conversations can absolutely not be heard from the outside - privacy proof! We use Gustafs unique Nano technique for a superb interior sound absorption and the high capacity air refreshment system is so silent you won’t notice it. That’s comfortable working and perfect for tasks that require your concentration or when making important decisions.

Due to our unique Nano perforation we can combine beautiful wooden surfaces with great sound absorbing coefficients for comfortable conversations, face to face or by video. The superb sound blocking qualities makes our pod private proof and the super silent high airflow ventilation system completes the total acoustic experience – for many hours of relaxed and joyful working.

If it isn’t mobile, it’s not a pod. With integral wheels, the Gustafs Gpod is easily moved around with a precise positioning, and you can simply and quickly reposition it anytime you want. The power inlet options are multi-universal and the double doors do not only allow an easy entrance, there is no right or left version of our Gpod. Place it anywhere you want!

Our Gpod is the result of more than 100 years experience of Scandinavian wood design. The design is simple and timeless, but the robust timber frame design gives it a unique and exclusive appearance and the transition from the wooden frame to the glass is completely seamless. The design is
underlined by only using the best natural materials and we craft them with care, for an outstanding quality and finish.

The soundproof qualities of Gustafs Gpod are at least as important as the comfortable acoustics inside the Gpod. In fact, you can place the Gustafs Gpod next to a workstation in the middle of an office and people working next to the Gpod will not be able to hear the discussions taking place inside. Gustafs Gpod is both a private workspace and a place to seal the deal. Both a room for important thoughts and important decisions.

Our Gpod is equipped with the Ochno Technology System. Lights and fans are automatically controlled by a sensor so that they adapts to how the pods are used. These parameters can also be set and adjusted for when no one is in the pod, when people are inside or with delays after usage. Automatic control can be over-ruled by app or direct with the elegant dimmers on the pod’s inner walls. Gpod is the first intelligent cellular workspace in the world. A modern pod, for modern workspaces.

The Gpod is available with many configurations and the good thing is that you can change it any time, in case your needs change over time. Our pod is quickly transformed from conference room, to meeting room, to coffee room or a working room for one or two. Of course all lay-outs have height adjustable tables and seating solutions, in case you appreciate to vary your working position. We know the value of good ergonomics and active working!

Capacity: Layouts available for 1, 2 or 4 persons. For lay outs see

Outer dimensions: Total footprint: 2425x1250 mm

Total height: 2380 mm

Inner dimensions Floor space: 2000x1220 mm

Standing height: 2010 mm

Mobility: By integrated wheels, can be rolled over 20 mm thresholds.
By forklift - can be raised 100 mm from the floor.
By forklift - truly self-supporting construction.

Placement: Universal placement for Centre, Wall, Left Corner and Right Corner

Weight: 890 kg

Front doors 2 saloon doors 2000x1007 mm, opening independently and 180° to full
width. Magnet soft close. Sound proof glass, tempered, privacy dark tone.
Backside glass 1983x1999 mm, sound proof glass, tempered, privacy dark tone.

Surfaces All veneers are real wood veneer in architectural quality. Other veneers
than the standards below on request only.

Front Frame: Ash /Oak / Cherry / Walnut
Back Frame: Ash / Oak / Cherry / Walnut
Outside walls: Ash / Oak / Cherry / Walnut / White CPL / Black CPL
Inside walls: Ash / Oak / Cherry / Walnut / White CPL / Black CPL
Inside ceiling: Ash / Oak / Cherry / Walnut
Inside flooring: Anthracite Grey

Surface treatment Triple UV coating approved for cleaning with up to 70% alcohol products /
Pigmented Triple UV coating approved for cleaning with up to 70% alcohol
products.The flooring is antistatic, dirt resistant and acoustic.

Veneer Direction: Along length

Fixture system For the wall and ceiling claddings Gustafs Capax is used, consisting of
aluminium profiles gripping the full length of the sides of the panels,
levelling and aligning the panels.

Intelligent sensor Measures light, air quality and motion. Connected to and automizing the lightning and
ventilation, all by OCHNO Operated.

Ventilation Oversized airflow of 82,0 l/s (298,8 m3/h), achieved with 6 low speed whisper fans. Auto
matic/manual rpm control and sound proof in- and outlets.

Air inlet Easy access regardless the placing of the Gpod for cleaning and

Power input 230 V, enters from left, right or the roof. This can be changed anytime.

Sockets, output: 2 x USB-C (standard)
4 x USB-C (extra)

Lightning: 3 x LED spotlights, automatic/manual control, dimmable.

Wheels: 4 pcs, diameter 125 mm, swing.

Adjustable feet: 4 pcs, adjustable from 20 – 100 mm height, access from the inside.

Reaction to Fire Up to A2-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1)
(Valid for the inside and outside claddings, including the fixture system,
the veneered surface and the surface treatment.

Resistance to Fire: Up to K1-10/K2-10 (EN 13501-2)

Acoustic absorption:
Outside and Inside wall: Gustafs Nano w 0,85-B NRC 0,9
Outside wall: Gustafs Linear w 0,70-B NRC 0,8
Inside ceiling: Gustafs Stripes RP8-C20 w 0,65-C NRC 0,7
Inside flooring: Sound absorbing carpet w 0,30-D NRC 0,45

Sound proof The sound insulation of Gpod is great and they can be placed next to other workstations in the middle of an office and people working next to the pods will not be able to hear discussions taking place in them. Conversations inside Gpod can be made 100% discrete.
We prefer not to give out the results of sound insulation measurements done to our product. At the moment, there isn’t a standardized test for measuring the sound insulation of small enclosed spaces like Gpod. The sound insulation of a Gpod also varies depending on measuring sound
coming out from the Gpod and sound entering the Gpod and there are no standardized tests covering this phenomenon. That is why existing acoustical ratings are not a good reflection of the experience using a Gpod. We recommend you try a Gpod in order to evaluate whether our products’
sound insulation is sufficient to meet your needs.

DoP: Available

LEED: TVOC approved emissions (EN ISO 16000-9)

Formaldehyde: approved emissions (EN 717-1)
No added urea formaldehyde

Recycled Material: Wall materials in 17% Post Consumer

Certified Wood FSC available, Certificate Code: SCS-COC-005137

EPD: available

Production Site City: Gustafs /Country: Sweden

Life time expected > 50 years

BREEAM TVOC approved emissions (EN ISO 16000-9)

Formaldehyde approved emissions (EN 717-1)

No added urea formaldehyde

Recycled Material Wall materials in 17% Post Consumer

Certified Wood FSC available, Certificate Code: SCS-COC-005137

EPD available

Production Site City: Gustafs / Country: Sweden

Life time expected > 50 years


Gustafs Gpod is the mobile workspace combining fantastic acoustics and beautiful design. Both a space for undisturbed work, and a meeting room for up to four persons. The world class sound absorption obstructs the sound from the outside, and no one will intercept your conversation from the outside. Perfect for tasks that requires your concentration or when making important decisions.

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Manufacturer Gustafs
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Year of Launch 2019

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