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Work Unit | Orange

Office Pods from OFFICEBRICKS

Product description

- Integrated work surface - table top, white, 122 cm wide, 52 cm deep with a bevel in the door area
- 100 cm wide all-glass door made of laminated safety glass (clear opening 89.5 cm)
- 1 window made of laminated safety glass with sound insulation (75 cm, clear opening 64.5 cm)
- 1 socket and 1 double USB connection
- Soundproof fan system (controlled by motion detectors)
- LED lighting (controlled by motion detectors)
- Dimensions: 168 x 138 x 238 cm (outside), 152 x 122 x 204 cm (inside)

Equipment options:
- “On Air” sign (shows that the booth is occupied)
- Integrated air purifier
- Whiteboard and Mediaboard solutions in different sizes
- Decorative film with your customised design
- Multiple colour and texture variations
- Customised solutions and sizes upon request
- Additional power and Ethernet sockets
- Barrier-free access via ramp


Spacious and soundproofed workstation for one person. The "Work Unit" telephone booth is ideal for making phone calls, for longer periods of concentrated work and for video conferencing and e-learning.

Highest quality standards for the requirements of open-plan office environments:
- Double-walled, sound-insulated brick system
- High-quality, sound-insulated doors and windows made of laminated safety glass
- Acoustic absorbers made from recycled PET material
- Certified sound insulation values of 34 dB
- Winner of the "Best Workspaces" award in the sound insulation category

Virtually silent ventilation and high-quality materials ensure noise protection, top acoustics and a natural room atmosphere:
- No disruptive fan noise thanks to extremely powerful two-chamber ventilation system with its own sound insulation
- High air exchange rates for optimum ventilation and a cosy atmosphere

The flexible system for telephone and meeting booths with handy brick modules:
- No fixed installation, no drilling, screwing or gluing
- Quick assembly and disassembly, without tools or specific knowledge
- High-quality, hard-wearing and easy-care surfaces
Family Work Unit
Architonic ID 20752317
Year of Launch 2018

Also available in 15 other variants

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