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Gustafs Acoustic Panels are based on a fibre gypsum board which has very good properties regarding both fire safety and acoustics. The panel is less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity which in turn maintains the panels’ linearity over time. All together, this unique combination contributes to a panel suited for applications not only in large areas but also in a wide variety of demanding situations.

Core Material: Reinforced fibre gypsum board, high density, 1100 kg/m³ (15,7 kg/m²)

Dimensions: Standard: 600x600 / 1200x600 / 1500x600 / 1800x600 / 2400x600 mm
Customized wall: lengths 300-3000 x widths 300-1200 mm
Customized ceiling: lengths 300-3000 x widths 300-600 in 50 mm intervals

Acoustic felt: Black / White

Thickness: 13,2 mm

Surface - Real Wood Veneer: Elm / Ash / Birch / Rotary cut Birch / Beech /American white Oak / European Rift Oak / Red Oak / Cherry / Maple / Mahogany /Oregon Pine /Teak / Walnut / Pear or veneer of choice

Veneer Direction: Along length / Along width

Reaction to Fire A2-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1)
(Valid for the whole panel, including the installation system, the surface, the surface treatment and all kinds of post treatments like cutting, milling)

Resistance to Fire : K1-10/K2-10 (EN 13501-2)

Acoustic absorption:
Holes PH5 αw 0,35-D NRC 0,5
Holes PH8 αw 0,55-D NRC 0,8
Holes PH10 αw 0,75-C NRC 0,9
Holes PG5 αw 0,30-D NRC 0,4
Holes PG8 αw 0,50-D NRC 0,65
Holes PS2 αw 0,25-E NRC 0,45
Holes PD8 αw 0,85-B NRC 0,9
Slots SM5 αw 0,65-C NRC 0,75
Slots SM8 αw 0,85-B NRC 0,85
Slots SH5 αw 0,60-C NRC 0,8
Slots SH8 αw 0,75-C NRC 0,9
Slots SG5 αw 0,55-D NRC 0,7
Slots SG8 αw 0,65-C NRC 0,85
Slots SX5 αw 0,70-C NRC 0,75
Slots SX8 αw 0,85-B NRC 0,85
Slots RS5 αw 0,65-C NRC 0,75
Slots RS8 αw 0,60-C NRC 0,65
Slots QS αw 0,75-C NRC 0,75

TVOC approved emissions (EN ISO 16000-9)
Formaldehyde approved emissions (EN 717-1)
No added urea formaldehyde
Recycled Material 17% Post Consumer
Certified Wood FSC available, Certificate Code: SCS-COC-005137
EPD available
Production Site city: Gustafs / country: Sweden
Life time expected > 50 years


Gustafs Panel System is a well-documented wood panel wall and ceiling system that draws on our experience from a wide variety of projects worldwide. Thanks to the development of our Capax profile system we can provide simple and secure installations in tune with today’s rapid building processes.

Our wood panel system are based on a fibre gypsum board which has excellent properties regarding both fire safety and acoustics. Prior to veneering, a solid wood edging is integrated around the interior wooden cladding panels, disguising the core material. When the wood veneer is then applied it covers the wooden edge and effectively gives the cladding panels the appearance of being entirely of wood.

In combination with our Capax installation system the wooden panels can be installed seamless without any need for spacing to allow shrinking, swelling and bulging. The panel system will stay stable over time in and most cases the life time of our interior cladding panels is much longer that the refurbishment intervals of the building.

Capax is our unique aluminium profile installation system gripping over the full length of the wood panel edges, providing perfect aligned, reliable, quick and cost saving installation.

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Part of the collection Panel System.
Manufacturer Gustafs
Family Acoustic Wood Panels
Architonic ID 20078246
Year of Launch 1986

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