Product description

Gustafs Linear Plank combines a beautiful linear design with the best possible fire rating. Using the famous Gustafs Capax installation system a perfect end result will be guaranteed as well the option to fully integrate the Planks with Gustafs Panels and Ribs. Every Plank comes with one unique and full crown veneer flitch for the most exclusive experience.

Core Material: fibre reinforced gypsum core totaling 94% recycled materials of which 17% are post-consumer recycled.

Dimensions: Lenghts: 2960mm
Widths: 100-200mm

Reaction to Fire: B-s1,d0 ((EN 13501-1))
(Valid for the whole system, the ribs including the surface, the surface treatment, the installation with a void filled or non-filled with isolation, and allowing all kinds of post treatments like cutting)

Surface - Real Wood Veneer: Elm / Ash / Birch / Rotary cut Birch / Beech / American white Oak / European Rift Oak / Red Oak / Cherry / Maple / Mahogany /Oregon Pine / Teak / Walnut / Pear or veneer of choice.


Gustafs Linear System is an innovative range of timber cladding panels. With Gustafs Linear System you achieve a reliable, labour saving and exclusive interior finish. Naturally, Gustafs Linear System offers a design attribute that comes with the best fire rating, optimal sound absorption and sound diffusion.

Gustafs Linear System provides designers the possibility to create exciting and appealing rooms while at the same time ensuring the highest possible well-being for their occupants. Our linear system automatically gives a relatively large open area of 24% which warrants for a good sound absorption over a wide band of frequencies. To offer maximum design and installation flexibility, Gustafs Linear System ­comprises­ a range of cores, veneers, ­colours, dimensions and spacing ­between the Ribs or planks.

All Gustafs Linear solutions are installed with an extremely user-friendliness provided by the Capax Quick-Up concept. It provides you a reliable, quick and cost saving work flow.