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Fashionable wallpaper "Fashionista" with dress dolls and sewing pattern lines in red e. g. for youth room

The "Fashionista" wallpaper is a dream for fashion addicts with classic dress dolls. A style statement for your wall in a refreshing and trendy look.

- Style: modern

- Wallpaper roll widths: 46,5cm, 75cm, 1m

- Materials:
Basic fleece: lightly embossed nonwoven wallpaper, especially good for high-contrast motifs
Naturaltouch luxury fleece: open surface, glare-free light matted print, pleasant feel

- Weight: 155 g/m

- Pattern repeat:
roll width: 46,5cm | height: 23,25cm x width: 46,5cm
roll width: 75cm or 1m | height: 25cm x width: 50cm

Product variants


The fleece wallpaper "Fashionista" is not only for influencers. With her dress dolls, the motif leaves room for fashion from yesterday to today. Make a style statement with this unobtrusive, elegant design for a refreshing and trendy look.

- Colour scheme: ink, mint green, beige, purple, red

- Style: graphic

- Area of ​​application: Ceiling, wall, wet area both in the private and in the object area: gastronomy, hotel industry, shops as well as waiting areas z. B. in medical practices.

- Wallpaper roll widths: 46,5cm, 75cm, 1m

- Customizable in color and motif size

The advantages of the wallpapers of the Gräflich Münster'sche Manufaktur ( at a glance:
• Rapport: seamless
• Minimum waste
• Good light fastness for a long-lasting colour experience
• Dimensionally stable
• Water vapour permeable for a healthy indoor climate
• Certified according to EN 15102 CE
• Fire protection certification B-s1. DO corresponds to the former B1 standard valid for wallpapers: flame-retardant; non-dripping.
• Free of glass fibres
• FSC® certified.
• Resource-conserving and energy-efficient, thanks to custom-made solutions

Surface pretreatment:
• The surface must be dry, load-bearing, smooth, clean, evenly absorbent and neutral in colour. Rough surfaces, holes and unevenness should be smoothed and closed.
• In order to level the absorbency and, if necessary, to solidify plaster surfaces, a primer should generally be applied with a water-based deep primer.
• A perfect wallpapering result is only possible on a uniformly coloured surface, therefore if necessary apply lining paper or pigmented primer.
• In the case of non-absorbent surfaces, it is advisable to bond a renovation fleece. This can then be used as base for wallpapering.

- Wallpaper Pasting Technique: paste the wall no soaking time
- Adhesive: Metylan direct control
• wallpapers can be stripped without the need for soaking and without leaving any residue