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Aladin Wall
Aladin Wall
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Aladin Wall is the new system of partition walls that marks a decisive development of the company in the field of interior design.
Extremely elegant and versatile, in line with current living styles and the demands of a qualified clientele, it allows the organization, connection and delimitation of large spaces, optimizing space.
Aladin Wall offers a wide freedom of customization, both in terms of dimensions and variety of panels, available in a wide range of crystal, porcelain stoneware and wood finishes.
The possibility of perfectly integrating all models of swing doors and sliding doors, already present in the Glas Italia catalogue, is another strong point of the system, able to offer designers high-quality technical and functional solutions and a choice of decorative effects of great elegance and charm.

The walls are available in two version, “mono” and “duo”.
Aladin Mono Wall: is a wall partition with laminated glass 5+5 mm thick (or 4+6 mm thick) applied on one side of the aluminum profiles, fixed to floor, ceiling and/or wall, so that one side has a flush surface and the other is rebated from the profiles themselves.
Aladin Duo Wall: is a wall partition with double laminated glass 5+5 mm ( or 4+6 mm) applied on both sides of the aluminum profiles, fixed to floor, ceiling and wall, so as to form an internal air chamber and have surfaces perfectly flush on both sides of the wall.

The aluminum structure, available in 5 different finishes, is supplied with an adjustment system to level the wall and to compensate irregularities in the floor or ceiling.
The wall partition can be integrated with all the Glas Italia models of swing and sliding doors, and in the same or different finishes. (Note: not all glass finishes usable for the wall partition is available with every door model).
The glass, available in a wide range of finishes, is certified in compliance with the safety regulation ANSI Z97.1 and UNI EN12150.
The panels are also available in stoneware or wood in many different finishes.