The Gira VideoTerminal is a home station with an especially large, active 5.7" TFT colour display. The display ensures a good view of the picture with its convenient resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, even when viewed at an angle.

Operation and Functions
The design of the device enables a simple, intuitive operation, which was developed by taking the aspects for Geronto technology into account. Four buttons are assigned the basic functions of calling up the menu level, opening the door, activating and deactivating the call tone, switching the light and switching on or changing between up to three possible cameras. The large backlit button for rotating and pressing is used for navigation within the menu level, which is chosen via the menu button. At the beginning, the electrician uses this to configure the basic settings of the unit. They are, among others: language selection (German, English), frequency setting, switching LED illumination on/off and termination of the cable. The end user can change the values of brightness, colour intensity, contrast and switch-on time via the menu.

The hands-free speech function is operated using the current microprocessor technology with use of the echo suppressor. The microphone is automatically activated where the ambient noises are loudest, and as a reaction the loudspeaker on the door station is switched on. If the street noise is too high, an enforcement function nevertheless enables speaking at the home station.

The Gira VideoTerminal also features all other technological innovations from Gira door communication. These include ringing tone deactivation, parallel connection of up to three Gira VideoTerminals, five different call tone melodies and the switching of an automatic door opener when ringing the bell, which is helpful, for example, in doctor’s offices.