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LED-Orientation light
LED-Orientation lights
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LED orientation lights are available for the Gira switch ranges Standard 55, Event , Esprit and E2, for which the light colours white, blue, red, green or orange can be set. In addition, continuous running through the entire spectrum of colours is possible, from which any desired colour can be saved. The brightness can be adjusted as well as per individual needs. Films allow the LED orientation lights to be provided with and inscription or pictograms. Alternatively, a slat element can be installed for the light dispersion. The light beam can then be directed at increments of 90°.

Gira inscription service for orientation and signal lights
Orientation and signal lights can be professionally designed according to your personal specifications in the System 55 and Gira F100 switch ranges. This is fast and easy to do on the Internet. In just a few steps you can create a personal template and order it via the form at The finished labels (available for a fee) are then sent back immediately. Furthermore, there is a PDF template on the internet that you can print out yourself free of charge.

The LED orientation light from the theft-proof and water-protected switch range Gira TX_44 is designed particularly for outside use. It is available alternatively with white, blue and orange LEDs. The illumination insert consists of a frosted diffusing plate and is water-protected according to IP 44. Moreover, as a function of the switch range Gira TX_44 the LED orientation light can also be integrated in the Gira Panel and Gira energy profiles.