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55 x 127 x 21 mm. Compact and elegant as never before, in a two-gang cover frame. The Gira surface-mounted home station video offers state-of-the-art technology in the smallest area. The high-resolution TFT colour display and operating buttons integrate harmoniously in a continuously homogeneous front, the loudspeaker and microphone are positioned on the sides.

The surface-mounted home station video is controlled by a light touching of the four buttons thanks to capacitive technology. Communication takes place via a hands-free speech function, whereby the speaker must not stand directly at the microphone in order to make himself understood. Via the display and the further buttons, system settings are made per on-screen display, as is normal with television sets. Further functions: Call acceptance, opening door, switching on/off ringing tone, selection of five ringing tone melodies and regulating of ringing tone volume and speech volume.

2" TFT colour display
The TFT colour display is a 2" TFT colour display of the latest generation. The user has the benefit of good visibility from different viewing angles and a high level of depth definition, especially when the visitor stands at a distance from the door. In addition system settings are possible per on-screen display, as with television sets. The display is activated automatically as soon as someone rings, but can also be changed to manual operation.

Automatic door opener and automatic call acceptance for internal calling
Both can be enabled by an electrician and can then be activated via the menu. These functions are convenient for e.g. doctors' practices and enable automatic opening of the door as well as direct speaking or listening e.g. from the reception desk to the doctor's consulting rooms and vice versa.

Simplified installation
The Gira surface-mounted home station video can be simply installed in two steps: with raw installation, the base plate is firstly mounted on the wall with the connection terminals. Pre-wiring can thus be carried out without the device. The station is later engaged directly to the mounting plate, resulting in direct automatic contact to the device.

Design awards:
- iF product design award, iF Design Hanover, 2009
- Red Dot Award, Design Zentrum NRW, 2009

The new Gira surface-mounted home station video has a homogeneous front and features a state-of-the-art 5.6 cm [2.2"] TFT colour display. Thanks to its capacitive sensor technology, it can be conveniently operated by lightly touching the buttons.
To ensure greater operational safety, internal calls and switching actions can be provided with individual names. The hands-free speech function reacts sensitively enough that the speaker does not have to stand directly at the microphone in order to be understood.