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The Gira System 3000 offers maximum flexibility and optimum convenience for advanced light and blind control: With five different operating top units, which can be universally used for both areas of light and blinds, this offers easy operation and a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for every desired level of comfort. The top units are characterised by intuitive operation.

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With the Gira eNet SMART HOME app, just one tap is all it takes to lower your shutters or extend your awnings. The reliable wireless system is easy to install in new builds or older properties.The Gira System 3000 features easy-to-use controls that enable you to infinitely adjust your electric blinds to any position. The interchangeable cover frame is designed to harmonise with any interior style. And you can easily find out which switches would look best in your home with the Gira Design Configurator.


Blind Control | System 3000 Display blind timer | Pure white matt (including E2)

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