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Sideboard 200 | GERA light system 6
GERA light system 6
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Sideboard 200
GERA light system 6
The pure presence of light

Microtechnological development is moving at a rapid pace. Diodes emitting light are becoming consistently smaller and more powerful. Their light no longer stringently appears as just a light. It fuses with other functions, for example with furniture functions and captures our attention solely in the form of that, which it illuminates. The GERA sideboard 200 has a particularly filigree construction. The material mix of wood, glass and anodised aluminium fuses with highly integrated light technology to create pure and timeless light furniture, with a transparency of design, which seems to melt together with the architectural context.

Product family


The new GERA Lighting System 6 is an innovative and universal lighting concept which can be used ver creatively. Some suggestions are as a wall light that can be pivoted to change the angle of the light, as an innovative light railing on a door or edging of a mirror frame, as a lighted glass base, or an elegant gleaming shelf for furniture. The GERA Lighting System 6 fills the gaps between ambient light and modern design for furniture lighting. Carpenters and Interior Designers can choose between a systematic construction kit including different aluminium and acrylic profiles in selectable surface colours and diverse illuminates such as, Fluorescent bulbs T5 and T2 and powerful LEDs.