Product description

Light rail with glass shelf
GERA light system 6
Illuminating work of art with double function

The GERA light rail with glass shelf combines design standards with a double function. The rear panel conceals a runner rail, on which various accessory carriers can easily be slid back and forth. In the kitchen, where flat cabinet planning often creates a uniform and somewhat mundane effect, the light rail breaks the rigidity and puts cooking utensils, kitchen roll or spice jars in the limelight with atmospheric indirect lighting.

In the hall the light rail is a highlighting design tool and the place to deposit keys, smartphone, the daily post or even scarves and jackets elegantly. All electronic components are integrated, which enables simple installation on the wall. Concealed sockets for mains and USB connections extend the functionality – and make the light rail a versatile design object for all rooms.

Product family


The new GERA Lighting System 6 is an innovative and universal lighting concept which can be used ver creatively. Some suggestions are as a wall light that can be pivoted to change the angle of the light, as an innovative light railing on a door or edging of a mirror frame, as a lighted glass base, or an elegant gleaming shelf for furniture. The GERA Lighting System 6 fills the gaps between ambient light and modern design for furniture lighting. Carpenters and Interior Designers can choose between a systematic construction kit including different aluminium and acrylic profiles in selectable surface colours and diverse illuminates such as, Fluorescent bulbs T5 and T2 and powerful LEDs.