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PN17 series | PN17 LED CONSTRUCTION profile 200 cm, symmetrical
PN17 series
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Homogeneous light with modular LED lighting solutions from GALAXY® profiles

Intelligent product design and unique product compatibility are the basis for future-oriented LED lighting concepts. LED profile systems from GALAXY® profiles are modular LED lighting solutions. The individual system components can be put together with little effort, simply and quickly using a click-connect system and mounted in an object-friendly way.

The PN17 LED CONSTRUCTION profile is designed for LED flexbands with a maximum width of 30 mm and can be used universally indoors (also as independent LED hanging light with wire suspension). This aluminium profile can also be used for installation specific to the application.

The LED profile cover opal / satin (translucency 65%) consists of shatterproof and flame-retardant polycarbonate (* flammability classification UL94 V-2) and creates homogeneous LED lighting conditions with high utilisation of light output. The inner height (distance between LED strips and cover) is designed for continuous light lines - not light points!

The PN17 LED CONSTRUCTION profile is the ideal light source for general LED room and object lighting on walls and ceilings The sophisticated design adds particular value. This profile is very flexible, because it has an intermediate level, which can be removed if necessary by simply pulling it out.

This LED CONSTRUCTION profile can also be equipped with a wire suspension without further adaptation and used as a stand-alone LED hanging light.
* flammability classification UL94 V-2: Extinguishing of a vertically clamped sample within 30 seconds

LED profiles of GALAXY® profiles are
heat dissipating,
extend the life of the LED strips and
protect LED strips from dirt and mechanical influences.

Easy and quick installation
The self-adhesive LED strips are inserted centrally along the groove in the LED profile, glued, wired (plastic end caps with cable gland available) and connected to the LED lighting and control technology (LED transformer, LED sequencer, etc.). The LED profile can be installed with the associated wire suspension.

Installation directly on the supporting object or the building material can be carried out with screws. Thee corresponding LED profile covers made of polycarbonate are clicked flush.

For excellent adhesion of the self-adhesive LED strips, we recommend the thorough cleaning and degreasing of the profile inside with an acetone cleaner.

Use in wet areas and outdoors
Use in wet areas or outdoors is only possible in sealed form. Special protection against moisture and water is provided by silicone, which is applied to the joints for sealing purposes. Absolute impermeability to water can be achieved with the LED profile systems by casting with Wepuran casting resin based on polyurethane resin (PUR).

When installing LED profile systems in wet rooms and outdoors, it is imperative to ensure the exclusive use of LED flexbands with the corresponding degree of protection! Linear LED outdoor lighting systems from GALAXY® profiles meet these requirements as standard. We are happy to help!

Assembly and custom-made production (OEM)
From a minimum purchase quantity onwards, the LED profiles and plastic covers from our standard range are custom-assembled or custom-made to customer-specific length specifications up to max. 6 m total length per LED profile system.
Upon request, LED aluminium profiles of GALAXY® profiles can be produced in all RAL colours (powder coating).

We are looking forward to your inquiries!

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