Key facts


Rectangular aluminum body composed of a small size optical assembly consisting of aluminized reflector and polycarbonate diffuser. Provides LED light source that illuminates whether or not there is mains power supply. An internal microprocessor checks the status of the device and periodically performs functionality and autonomy tests and reports the status using the two LED indicator lights that it includes. The tests can be requested manually by means of an ON Remote Control order when connected to the mains. Equipped with a sensor built into the reflector which enables constant activation-deactivation depending on the level of available light, thus optimising consumption.

Format: Block
Operation: Maintained LED Autotest, TCA
Autonomy (h): 1, 2, 3
Emergency lamp: MHBLED
Degree of protection: IP43 IK04
Lumens: 170/200 Lm
Mains lamp: MHBLED
Charging indicator: LED
Electrical insulation: Type II
Test device: For AutoTest and TCA models
Remote stand-by: Yes