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Helium P
Fritz Hansen >
Hans Sandgren Jakobsen >
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Suspended lights-General lighting >
Suspended lights-Pendant lights in glass >
Suspended lights-General lighting >
Suspended lights-Pendant lights in glass >

Product description

Ø 320 x H 325 mm


Hans Sandgren Jakobsen was fascinated in the design phase with creating a form based on a function. He drew inspiration from the classic balloon - filled with helium - that floats naturally through the air. The lamp’s stem and globe are inspired by the shape of a classic, beech tree. The base grows from the bottom like a trunk.

The Helium lamp’s characteristic base and stem are made of aluminum alloy and steel, which give the lamp weight. The base is die-cast with a dish-shaped depression that reflects some of the light back up the stem. Likewise, the convex surface of the base is also illuminated. The construction of the armature is based on mathematical calculations that ensure even lighting of the glass with no hint of shadows. The shade itself is hand-blown, triple-layered, opal glass, mounted on a silicone ring on top of the armature housing. It protects the glass and balances it. The suspension of the pendant also has a stabilising effect, as the support wire can be adjusted separately.

In terms of lighting technology, Helium is a thoroughly-conceived lamp. It provides concentrated, direct lighting, and at the same time enhances the diffuse, ambient lighting of the room.