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freistil 187
freistil 187
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Product description

/ Sectional sofa (le or ri) in the widths: 110 cm, 130 cm, 150 cm and 170 cm
/ Sectional chair: 84 cm wide
/ Closing chair with fixed footstool (le or ri): 130 x 185 cm
/ Sectional bench in the widths: 104 cm and124 cm
/ Corner-unit: 110 x 110 cm
/ Upholstered bench elements in dimensions: 55 x 110 cm and 120 x 75 cm

Cushions for range
/ Back cushion with sewn-on support cushion: 75 x 60 cm
/ Low back cushion: 80 x 40 cm
/ Back cushion: 60 x 40 cm
/ Flanged back cushion: 60 x 40 cm
/ Cushion-mat: 88 x 68 cm
/ Cuboid cushion: 62 x 42 cm
/ Square upholstered cushion: 35 x 35 cm
/ Oblong upholstered cushion: 54 x 27 cm
/ Cushion: 45 x 45 cm
/ More cushions to be found within freistil 198

Leg version
/ Standard foot: plastic
/ Steel tubular frame: polished chrome

Seat dimensions
/ Seat depth: 77 cm
/ Seat height: 40 cm
/ Backrest height: 69 cm (armchair), 67 cm (other models)

/ Customers can raise the seat height themselves to 42 cm if they wish.
A module set for the height increase is included.
/ Ticking chamber webs in the pads can show through to the cover
(=characteristic feature of high-grade upholstery pad workmanship).
/ The range is only suitable for velour covers to a limited extent. The fell seams
and piping can lead to lines in the pile.
/ With modular systems, velour covers can lead to different pile alignments and therefore to different shine properties.
/ There are more dividing seams in leather covers than in fabric covers. Detailed information can be found in the technical section.
/ For ergonomic reasons, only the seat area of the closing chair with fixed footstool – not the leg rest – is sprung. So if the leg rest is used as a seat it will feel much firmer.

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freistil 187 is so spacious, soft and comfortable - the perfect embodiment of the concept of lounging furniture. Originally, a lounge was a waiting room where travellers could comfortably pass the time until the next stage of their journey. The best thing about freistil 187 is that you don't want to continue your journey at all, you just want to stay.