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Montecarlo Lounge
Montecarlo Lounge
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Product description

Endless compositions for a sofa that offers a new idea of comfort for the outdoors: Montecarlo Lounge moves the relaxation experience outside.
An outdoor sofa made according to nautical standards, with closed cell foam, can be upholstered in outdoor fabric or leather, removable and washable. Available in all sample colors.

Montecarlo Corner Element dim. 112x112x69 h cm
Montecarlo End Element 162 dim. 162x112x69 h cm - Montecarlo End Element 210 dim. 210x112x69 h cm
Montecarlo Central Element 90 dim. 90x112x69 h cm - Montecarlo Central Element 130 dim. 130x105x69 h cm
Montecarlo Chaise Lounge dim. 130x170x69 h cm
Montecarlo Round 45 dim. 112x112x69 h cm - dim. 160x160x69 h cm
Montecarlo Dormeuse V1 dim. 141x154x69 h cm - Montecarlo Dormeuse V2 dim. 174x197x69 h cm - Montecarlo Dormeuse V3 dim. 165x146x69 h cm
Montecarlo Pouf Round dim. ø 153x44 h cm
Montecarlo Pouf Mini Round dim. ø 68x30 h cm
Montecarlo Pentagon dim. 205x205x44 h cm
Montecarlo Pouf 130 dim. 130x85x44 h cm - Montecarlo Pouf 112 dim. 112x85x44 h cm
Montecarlo Pouf Square dim. 112x112x44 h cm

Montecarlo Dinner dim. 211x131x65 h cm

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The Montecarlo collection is a revolutionary seating system that includes all the functions of a textile interior sofa in an outdoor version, characterized by its design versatility, technological innovation of production processes and the quality of materials used.

The soul of Montecarlo is completely handmade in nautical closed cell rubbers, light but extremely strong, coated by an upholstery material coming from the aerospace industry, breathable and water repellent that totally resist to atmospheric agents. The Montecarlo collection is coated with liners available in a wide selection of outdoor fabrics with a very timely colours range. The covers are easily removable and can be easily washed in washing machine. Montecarlo is a modular design concept that allows multiple compositions, in order to enjoy the conviviality and to meet the various needs of customization and of different spaces.