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Jamaica suspension
Foscarini >
Marc Sadler >
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Suspended lights-General lighting >
Suspended lights-Pendant lights in paper >
Suspended lights-General lighting >
Suspended lights-Pendant lights in paper >


How do you turn a cold, anonymous neon tube into something poetic, ironic and filled with character? Marc Sadler managed it for Foscarini, by wrapping a roll of paper - a little like a piece of parchment in its appearance and texture - around a central axis. The result is a soft, flowing and suspended structure, which evokes a feeling of lightness, joy and warmth. This is the concept behind Jamaica, a high-impact lamp, developed horizontally like a cloud, where the poetic shape conceals the function and the marked high-tech contents. The linearity and apparent simplicity of the end result required a lengthy study and numerous tests, to define the most suitable material for the desired feeling of lightness on the one hand, and to achieve the perfect formal rendering of the idea on the other, obtaining a difficult yet delicate alchemy between technique and imagination. The light source, which is hidden from view, is dual. Well-devised overlapping strips contain and diffuse the neon light cast by the tube inside the lamp, affording a charming atmospheric effect, while the second light source is free to light the underlying surface intensely and directly thanks to the attachment of the strips on the underside. Jamaica thus recalls the dynamic development and the concentric shapes of Frank O. Gehry's architecture. But also installations with which Christo "packaged" monuments, buildings and places, revealing the unknown side of the most banal and everyday things. Original and appealing to a broad range of tastes, Jamaica blends in seamlessly with the most varied settings in terms of size and style: it is perfect in the warmth of a home, yet it is also ideal for use in public spaces, especially in offices, alone or in scenic multiple compositions.

Materiale: carta accoppiata con polimero Colori:bianco
Dimensioni: W. 180 D. 35 H. max 200 cm Lampadine: Fluor. 2x80 W