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Anisha table small
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Alberto Lievore >, Jeannette Altherr >, Lievore Altherr Molina >, Manel Molina >
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A fluid, organically formed ellipse surrounds empty space. Anisha has a simple, mysterious form that hints at what is to come by defining a frame to be magically filled with light. This table lamp was designed for Foscarini by the Spanish studio Lievore Altherr Molina. In Argentinean Spanish “anisho” means ring, but the name “Anisha” is also a tribute to the Indian artist Anish Kapoor, famous for his works with their primordial, rounded shapes and lively, striking colours.
Anisha has a n uninterrupted ellipsoidal plastic profile, visually integrated with its base and completely hollow inside. To preserve the rigorous minimalism of the form, Foscarini decided on a technical lighting solution that would maintain its impressive formal equilibrium: the LED bulb, housed inside the upper part of the lamp is perfectly integrated and camouflaged within the structure. The dimmer touch switch that is part of the shape can be simply stroked and does not alter the harmony of the design.
Anisha is available in two sizes – small for bedside tables and large for sideboards and work surfaces. Its two colours – pure and essential white and striking, noticeable red – give it a discrete elegance and a great deal of personality, so much so that it maintains its identity both on and off. A universal and versatile luminous sculpture, Anisha is perfect in an entrance but also in a living room, bedroom or in any space where you want to create an intimate, cosy atmosphere.

Material: ABS
Colours: red and white

Large: h.45 cm x l. 33 cm x d. 5 cm
Small: h.32 cm x l. 23 cm x d. 5 cm

Large: LED (1 x 4.5 W)
Small: 1x LED(1 x 3.4 W)
with touch dimmer