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Behive table
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A perfect combination of formal purity and technological research, Behive is the table lamp designed by Werner Aisslinger. he light is decorative: it defines the body, traces its graphics and brings it alive. When switched off Behive resembles a modern, elegant sculpture and when on it produces a magical luminous atmosphere.
Nature is one of Behive’s inspirations. The name plays with the word beehive, a form that is recalled by the round, sensual volume of the diffuser. This form is created by layers of stacked rings that gradually increase in diameter. Thanks to their special shape and inclination, these rings keep the light source hidden yet allow the lamp to glow. This produces a soft, unique lighting effect that becomes an object, decoration and, at the same time, emotion.
The result is a poetic, exciting lamp that is formally pure and technically perfect.
The appealing, recognisable Behive is destined to become an immediate classic.

Table lamp
Material: ABS - polycarbonate
Colour: white
Dimensions: h 40 cm, Ø 39,5 cm
Bulb: halogen (1x150W), fluorescence (1x20W)

Behive is available in a new suspension version, offering a warm, gentle light just as the table Behive, to which a light directed downwards is added. A diffuser screen located on the inside conceals the technical parts and leaves the light source free to illuminate downwards. And so, the white light takeson a double value: it emphasises the particular graphic art nature of the rings, and focuses the lighting on a well defined area. In the new version too, Behive proves itself a poetic and exciting lamp, in pure, iconic and technically perfect shape which transforms into a visual reference, a focus of light, which reaches every environment.

Suspension lamp
Material: ABS - polycarbonate
Colours: white
ø 39 h. max 200 cm - ø 15 1/4” h. max 200”
1 x 150W halogen, 1 x 25W Fluorescent