Product description

Swivel visitors chair

Product family


Cuore is an executive chair designed with and for the senses, created to promote lasting first impressions when the user tests the chair and is convinced of its worth. Note its enveloping outer shell that welcomes the user and provides well-being throughout the workday. Its seat, upholstered, finished in natural wood –ebony or walnut– or aluminium offers a subtle touch of the elegance and image needed in executive offices.

Cuore range is composed of an executive high-back chair and a swivel visitor chair. The first one has a 5-spoke polished aluminum base, while the visitor chair can have an elegant 4-pointed flat base with in aluminum finished, or 4-spoke chrome steel base. In addition to this, the piston –adjustable for the executive chair, auto-return for the visitor chair– makes Cuore a perfect harmony between sophistication and quality.

The warmth and quality of the back shell in the executive chair has been designed with three choices of finishes, wood, aluminum and upholstered, which bring elegance and modernity, placing Cuore at a higher level in terms of visual aesthetics. The Cuore visitor chair was created with the aim of achieving maximum comfort without losing elegance, which has been created by its curved silhouette and its standard 4-spoke base or its 4-flat spoke base.