Challenging our ideas of art and function, the Omegafocus is a celebration of space. Operating like a traditional fireplace in terms of safety and performance, it is transformed to an arresting sculpture by a façade of ripped steel. Each one is unique, designed personally and signed by Dominique Imbert.

fireplace: 140 kg, firebricks: 145 kg; steel firebox with brick lining resistant to 1300° C; a subframe ensures the free heat expansion of the firebox without propagating it to the partition (or wall) to be built.; façade in polished raw steel opens on side hinges; heat-resistant inner glass door opens on hinges and also slides open vertically. The installation professional will need to construct the protective masonry around the firebox and must include upper and lower air vents. Note: The façade and sealing frame can be supplied (made to measure) without our firebox.
This model is available as a double-sided version.

optional extras
flexible or rigid stainless steel connection flue, ash pan, gas appliance - this version comes with a partial glass screen.
- guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 5 m. -