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Identical in volume and shape to the Eurofocus 950, the distinguishing features of the Eurofocus 951 (fixed or pivoting) are its full glass door and its hot-air circulation system inside the combustion chamber. 
This closed fireplace draws fresh air for combustion through its base, making the Eurofocus 951 not just exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, but perfectly adapted to houses constructed for low-energy consumption.


A free-standing model supported by a base; can be supplied as a fixed or pivoting (360°) fireplace.
The door consists of a full glass panel.
A second tinted interior glass panel serves as a supplementary smoke chamber.
The air for combustion enters through the base, circulates through the lateral walls and exits as hot air at the top of the hearth. 
Flue and other adaptation parts are made to measure
Paint: matt black (standard) or anthracite grey (optional)
Guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 3,50 m.

CO OUTPUT 0,14 %

Product family


- Fire brought to the screen -
Audacious yet sober, this expansive fireplace proudly displays its flames in their full splendour. This model is enhanced whether placed centrally in a room, in a corner or against a flat wall. It won the “Mercure du Design” award in Paris.

body of fireplace: 180 kg; flue: diameter 273 mm, 27 kg/m (made to measure); heat-resistant matt black paint. The highly innovative design of this model is both alluring and practical. The fireplace comes in two versions: a stationary version (fixed against a flat wall or corner) and a pivoting version, which allows the fire to be directed to different parts of the room. The front door is a window of heat-resistant glass with the bottom quarter left open to prevent the glass from sooting up and to allow wood to be added to the fire. The fireplace is double-walled for heat efficiency, and the back has additional protection in Indaten steel. The base contains an ash pan. available new version “Eurofocus 951” in 2010 .

optional extras
cover disc to conceal ceiling joint, light grey paint, removable fireguard in steel mesh (or in pyroceramic glass – consult us for this option), fresh-air intake device, adapter, gas appliance. - guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 3.75 m. -

Eurofocus 1200

“A fireplace with a sculptural presence, without a hint of pretension.” This was one of the many admiring descriptions when this model won the silver medal in the “Trophées du Design” at the Batimat show in Paris. Maximum visibility of the fire, thermal efficiency, clean protective glass and easy installation combine with a strikingly original look to entice you to give fire its own private screening in your home.

body of fireplace: 200 kg; can be installed against a flat wall or in a corner. The interior is double-walled, providing a large surface area for heat recovery, and the back is protected with Indaten steel. The heat-resistant glass door allows a complete view of the fire. The opening at the bottom (which can be fitted with a fireguard if desired) allows an unobstructed view of the flames and prevents the glass panel from sooting up.The base contains a large-capacity ash pan.The finish is heat-resistant matt black paint.

optional extras
cover disc to conceal ceiling joint, adapter, light grey paint, fresh-air intake device, removable lower fireguard, gas appliance. - guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 4.25 m. -