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For interiors where size is an issue, the sober simplicity of the Emifocus makes a strong impression in a small space. The wall version of the free-standing Bathyscafocus, this model’s fresh form, heat efficiency and easy installation combine to create an intimate and warm atmosphere in a range of different settings, from mountain ski chalets to city studios.

hearth: 52 kg; flue: diameter 219 mm, 16 kg/m; highly heat-resistant matt black paint. The fireplace can be equipped either with a visible vertical flue that exits through the ceiling or with a rear outlet in which the flue is not visible and exits through the rear wall. An adjustable plate allows the fireplace to be set off from the wall. This model is wall-mounted and has a built-in heat exchanger that passes air from the room or from the exterior through an airtight box.

optional extras
duct elbow, cover disc to conceal ceiling joint, adapter, light grey paint, fresh-air intake device, adjustment for an insulated wall, flue extension in black steel, fireguard, gas appliance.
- guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 3 m.