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Pietra del Nord Bianco
Pietra del Nord
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Between the basin of Paris and the Belgian borders lies a region rich in history, from which they extract a stone of prehistoric origins that holds the fascination of evolution.
That is the most ancient material known by man and it embodies a deep and absorbing energy: the aggregation, in warm shallow waters, of myriad primordial organisms and tiny fish agglomerated in a mass of microcrystalline calcite, gives this stone the characteristic colour that fades from grey-blue to black. With the help of time, natural fossil decorations acquire lighter shades.

Traditionally employed in the most important projects of the Belgian architectural heritage and moulded by skilled craftsmanship, the blue stone with its noble character charmed architects all over the world who made use of it for the construction of elegant palaces and important cathedrals.
Defined by the ancients as “little granite”, it represents lightness and solidity, along with a chromatic balance that seeks the connection between nature and environment, context and space.

Rex has blended all this in PIETRA DEL NORD, incorporating, in its natural finish, a refined ancient know-how, retracing the perfect manual skill of those who have worked these slabs through the centuries. The velvety finish, on the other hand, has been softened to adapt to the new contemporary living needs, in line with the philosophy of the brand. Tradition and innovation intertwine, then, to create an appealing surface that respects the flavour of time and the culture of faraway places.

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware tiles

21 x 40 (listello sfalsato mix)
5 x 5 (tessere mosaico)
80 x 180 (matte and soft)
20 x 80 (muretto decoro)
40 x 80 (matte antique and soft)
60 x 60 (matte antique and soft)
80 x 80 (matte antique and soft)