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Opened in late May 2016, Burj al Arab Terrace is a unique space that includes a restaurant, a pool, a beach and cabanas. The result of the collaboration between Kudos and Admares, a cutting-edge construction firm, is a visionary structure that creates a unique and luxurious oasis that stretches all the way to the sea and offers hotel guests an unforgettable private experience.

The architectural shape of the resort reflects the line of Burj al Arab, recalling the inspirational theme of the tropical sail that characterizes the entire structure and creates a contrast of lights and shadows, alternating with soft lines that inspire tranquillity and peace.

The Kudos firm participated in every aspect of the planning and interior design of the terrace. Collaboration began from the idea of the shape of the structure itself, the catwalks and the layout of every area, all the way to the design of the interiors. Then materials and surfaces, the interior and exterior furnishing and every architectural and design detail were selected.


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