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Room dividing-Space dividing systems >
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Sticks is a space divider, and the perfect way to create privacy wherever needed, inside or outside. Sticks come in several lengths and material options, hiding the sight for curious glances. As there are separate modules, it is possible to let your imagination run away and create your own special place with Sticks.

Different lengths and colours
We deliver Sticks with a standard length of 180 cm. It is also possible to order Sticks with a length of 120cm, 150cm or 210 cm.

Other available colour:
- green
- colours on request (min. 50 sets)

Indoor version
- Use the felt protection sheet on fragile surfaces when you use the rubber base.
- Massive wood bases only for indoor use.
Outdoor version
- All rods are suitable for outdoor use. The difference is in the use of the base. Do NOT use the wooden base outdoors.
- For windy places we recommend to use the extra weight.

Sticks Curved
The curved Sticks version has a curved base, which is for the moment only available in wood. If you combine 20 bases, you can create a 4 meter diameter circle. By alternating the direction of the bases Sticks Curved can be used to create beautiful curving lines. This version clearly offers a multitude of possibilities to playfully divide up a room. The rods are available in all colours and lengths. The number of rods needed to fill a curved base is identical to the number needed for a standard 60x30cm base.

Sticks Enlightened
We deliver now also Sticks with LED lighting. The illuminated Sticks, on a base of 60 on 30 cm, can be placed separated or in line. The illuminated effect in the space and also on the ceiling is amazing. The Sticks are available in all lengths and colors.

Sticks display option
Ideal  for showrooms or shop windows. This option for Sticks is an original way to display or to present small and light weight products like perfumes, jewelry, shoes, etc.  Also available: hangers for ties or scarves.