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Product description

Thanks to the adjustment of each single glass panel , however, depends on the horizontal profile that is chosen. The levelling mechanism of the glass is accessible by removing one of the external cover profiles.

Single or double hinged doors, single glazed with or without frame, and solid.
Single or double sliding doors, single glazed with or without frame.

Lock cylinder with the European standard, easily removable and accessible for any maintenance and allows organizing the "master key" and allows the use of any kind of handle that is available on the market.

The structural load-bearing horizontal profile allows the location of all horizontal functional elements; The basic profile ravoids the rotation of the levellers of the crystal slabs and achieves the fixation of the connection elements.

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SilentBox offer a quiet environment that is open to the outside, the essence of privacy encountering the light from the large doble galzed office walls. This is a system of internal partitions with double glass panes evolved from SlimBox which incorporates both the stylistic and functional themes.

It leaves unchanged the flexibility of use, thanks to a wide choice of wall, corner joint and door types, but adds an excellent acoustic isolation. With its minimalist line, SilentBox inspires every context in an elegant and efficient way: meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, office space and every environment that requires high acoustic performance and a high aesthetic value.