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Moduar / Reinforced cast stone / Naguisa Grey / Soft finished etched and waterproofed. / Free-standing / 7500: 378x98x63cm: 2.450 Kg., 7500B: 3788x98x63cm: 2.250 Kg., 11000: 423x98x63cm: 2.750 Kg., 11000B: 423x98x63cm: 2.600 Kg.


NAGUISA is a cast stone bench designed to be integrated into an urban setting or a large park. Its mere presence can turn spaces into harmonious landscapes. Its gentle curves are reminiscent of a flowing river that ambivalently calls for a dignified existence while at the same time awakening the user’s imagination. The design of this bench is based on a four metre long arc sector. Its curved, excavated surface creates different spaces that fulfil its seating function in a consecutive, organic way. The highest, central zone of the bench is configured as a backrest/armrest with sinuous forms, while the lower part of the volume is scooped out casually, allowing different reflections of light to project the sense of a living being. When several units are installed together, their low height encourages users to look around. The interruption of the backrest every eight metres facilitates access to the interior space generated in a ring formation. By adding several of these curved arcs together, closed circles with 7.5 or 11 metre diameters can be formed. This furniture can also be arranged in parallel lines, resulting in a sinuous continuous bench that is enriched by its multiplication and the alternation of the curve direction. The seat is 38 centimetres high, while the top of the backrest is 63 centimetres above the ground, the ideal height for use as a prop or a seat for somebody who is standing. This bench was also designed for use as an ideal addition to a narrow pedestrian street and small-scale natural areas. Architect Toyo Ito designed NAGUISA in collaboration with Escofet, bringing an outstanding product onto the market which provides great freedom of use. This street furniture was awarded the Silver Delta Prize ADI-FAD 2007 by the Association of Industrial Designers for the Encouragement of the Decorative Arts (ADI-FAD).