Why is mirror lightning always boring and rather unattractive, when it doesn’t have to be?

V.IP44 is the new generation of mirror lightning and combines functionality with a beautiful design. The design is very stringent with clean lines, which insures a timeless expression. The very minimalistic design of V.IP44 makes it easy to place in different environments. Furthermore V.IP44 gives a diffuse, pleasant and soft light. V.IP44 can be installed either horizontal or vertical and is available in two different colours and three different sizes.

Technical characteristics
V.IP44: Interior luminaire for horizontal or vertical wall installation
Dimensions: 472 x 90 x 45 mm, 620 x 90 x 45mm and 1232 x 90 x 45 mm
Material: powder-coated aluminium and opal acrylic
Surfaces: alu and anthracite
Light source: T 8 / 15 / 18 /36 W G 13
Classification: IP 44 kl. I