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Product description

Style: Standalone / Double sided
Width: 130 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Height: 240 cm
Voltage: 230V ;
Power consumption: 160W;
Noise level (watering cycle): 30 dB;
Standby noise level: Less than 10 dB;
Moisture output per day: 2 l/h;
Air recirculation: up to 170 l/h
Plants: 96 pcs
Automated lights, fans, irrigation.
Remote monitoring and control.
Materials: Steel; MDF Plus; Corian® from DuPont.

Custom finishes available.
Optional moisturizing module for increased air moisture available.


Elpo air biofilter is a science-powered plant ecosystem that purifies and humidifies the air indoors. Elpo is the worst enemy of air pollutants and the best friend of all minds and bodies who spend their working lives indoors.

Elpo air biofilter:
purifies the indoor air from pollutants
helps to maintain air moisture levels within healthy and comfy 40%.
improves wellbeing and concentration by presence of nature
provides energy conscious and sustainable air filtration

Elpo air biofilter works by using the beneficial bacteria within plant roots and clay pebbles to break down harmful air pollutants.
Fan pushes the polluted air through the filter. Contamination is absorbed on the porous clay substrate and microorganisms consume and degrade it. Humidified and purified air is returned to the space.

Lights, fans and irrigation of the biofilter are automated and it features remote monitoring and control.
Manufacturer ELPO
Family Oasis
Architonic ID 20194093
Year of Launch 2021

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