Product description

17" TFT monitor (no moving mechanism) in premium aluminum display-frame for digital signage solutions. Control of video signal via Ethernet/CAT5 (without PC at output monitor); 100MBit/s. Material: Display-Frame in alu, brushed; antireflection coated 4mm glass pane; housing and wall-recessing-frame in Zinkor; dorsal LAN and 12 V DC connector. Display: 17"; resolution VGA, 1280x1024 optically; contrast typ. 1500:1; brightness 280 cd/m²; viewing angle (hor./ver.) 178°/178°. Dimensions without cable (WxHxD): 420x352x50mm; Weight: 5,5kg; Power drain (max): 31W; Scope of supply: external power supply unit (LxWxH=110x64x34mm), power cord, wall-recessing frame.

Product variants


Digital signage systems are becoming increasingly popular in public areas – and not only because of their superior aesthetic as compared to traditional advertisements and conventional room signs.