Product description

Technical Innovations
All of the new technical features are well enclosed & hidden from user view. New production models shall be equipped with high-precision stepper motors, meaning that the monitors go almost silently from the horizontal to their active positions with individual and precise movement to attain desired angle.
Since the installation box is now also machined from solid aluminum additional rigidity counteracts any warping. This makes the whole ensemble also extremely stable and forgiving for installation in furniture.
A particular design first has been the concealment of the gears for the motors. They have now been incorporated into the negative form side walls of the monitor mounting box and are therefore invisible to the user in elevated view. Simultaneously, the area in front of the monitor, according to the extension of the screen closes flush with the surface and almost without joints to the surrounding furniture surface, giving the impression of an unbroken surface. Here, the keyboard is placed without any visible mechanism.
The mounting box at the front (foot) has had its depth reduced also, and, at 64 mm it is 16 mm lower than before. Fabric covered high flex cables complement these specialist monitors. Electronically movable, both models have a new control board with future proof options such as LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth compatibility.
These displays are also multi-touch capable, which means the screen can be used with more than one finger. The response time from touching the surface is so short that it appears to the user as real time - the transmission is made 1:1.

Product variants


Its visible side that can be retracted into the furniture’s surfaces and its closed back make MODIS ideally suited for secure use in publically accessible building areas. If a space is not occupied, the monitor is folded and practically melts into the surface of the table. An effect that can be reinforced by veneering the backside of the monitor. Hardware and system access is completely protected against unauthorized access and larceny by the secured control mechanism – until the monitor is unfolded and the keyboard emerges.