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Moon Stairs TSE-590
Moon Stairs TSE-590
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Moon Stairs

EeStairs® Moon staircase – Spiral staircase without chunky treads
EeStairs' Standard Designs offer you designer staircases and balustrades within an affordable budget. The EeStairs® Moon staircase is an excellent example of this. The principle design features are the stair treads, that are fixed invisibly to the central column ensuring a stylish, exclusive design.

The advantages of Moon by EeStairs®:
• Spiral staircase with treads fixed invisibly
• Practical, but above all stylish design
• Available in several heights (maximum of 20 treads)
• Design within an affordable budget
• Suitable for homes, shops, offices or public buildings
• Floating treads are available in several shapes and materials
• Treads can be produced in wood or stone
• The centre column and balustrade can be in steel or stainless steel
• Being able to select from several options makes every staircase unique

The Moon by EeStairs® combines a practical angle with an innovative design. The floating treads are ingeniously machined, removing the need for thick treads and giving the EeStairs® Moon Staircase an unusual and stylish appearance. The staircase is suitable for any environment: a home, a shop, office or public building. The stair treads can be produced in timber or stone, and in various shapes.

For the centre column and balustrade you can choose between steel and stainless steel. Balustrade is surface mounted to the treads and contain intermediate mid-rails. The various different ways of combining all these features enables you to create your own unique staircase, whose aesthetic design will attract attention. Unaffordable design? The Moon staircase by EeStairs proves the opposite is true.