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Scope 700
Scope 700
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Product description

h 150mm w 835mm d 380mm
h 5.9" w 32.8" d 15"

Recommended Accessories
Fire Extinguisher 
EcoSmart™ Fire Screen


It’s versatile and durable, elegant and superbly styled, functional and fabulous – and the new EcoSmart Fire Scope 700 makes transforming a traditional wood fireplace into a contemporary, eco-friendly ethanol fireplace so simple. The Scope 700 is the latest model in the iconic and ever-evolving EcoSmart Fire portfolio.

The EcoSmart Fire Scope 700 enables existing fireplaces to be easily and seamlessly converted. It’s a simple modification of an existing EcoSmart Fire Grate – the Grooved Fireplace Grate, and has been extended to accommodate the XL700 Burner, making it slightly wider to fit snugly in the hearth.

Initially created as a unique solution for a home renovation, the Scope 700 was added to the EcoSmart Fire Grate range because it looked stylish and provided an additional grate option.

Powered by the environmentally-friendly fuel bioethanol, the Scope 700 burns clean, which means it’s safe, and there’s no smoke, soot or ash – and no harmful emissions. You can also turn the fire on and off as needed.