Product description

Pseudo-rectified, 22x85 porcelain floor tile, with variable-tone wood-texturing and a smooth relief. Oaken tone.

Size: 22x85 cm./8.7"x33.5"
Thickness: 9mm
Material: Ceramic
Use:Indoors, Outdoors, Wall, Floors light traffic in dry areas, Floor light traffic in wet areas, Floor-hight traffic, Underfloor heating installation, Shower Wall, Shower Floor, High vapor condensation areas

Product variants


Inspired by the dense forests of the AOSTA valley, we bring this new floor tile in an extremely manageable format of 22 x 85, suitable for both large and small surfaces. Both the outline and the nuances of its relief, as well as its graphic variety ,faithfully reproduce the warmth and variation of natural wood, accompanied by the high-level specifications of porcelain tiles. Combinable with all kinds of tiles and particularly recommended to accompany SHAPES, our new series of 25 x 25 tiles.