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Dinesen Oak is available in wooden planks that are up to 5 metres long, 25 centimetres wide and 30 millimetres thick. The exclusive oak planks have a calm structure and a limited number of knots. A wooden floor made of Dinesen Oak provides an elegant, durable and beautiful basis for the interior design.

With more than 118 years of experience, high quality and expertise are the essence of Dinesen. Dinesen Oak planks are made of trees that were planted five or six generations ago. They have weathered everything they have been exposed to, and the result is mature trees with great stability and durability. Dinesen receives only the best raw wood from well-managed European forests and takes pride in handling the more than two-hundred-year-old oak trees with the greatest respect.

All Dinesen Oak floors are supplied in random lengths in order to make the best possible use of the carefully selected raw wood. The individual oak tree is made into planks in various dimensions to maximise the utilisation of the tree. Dinesen even produces oak planks that are up to 50 centimetres wide – please see the paragraphs about Dinesen HeartOak to read more about this.

Quality and dedication have always been a top priority at Dinesen, and thus each wood floor is custom-made to match the client’s individual requests. A close cooperation with clients and architects in combination with Dinesen’s expertise makes it possible to create a unique solution for every project.

All Dinesen floorboards are suitable for underfloor heating.


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