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DO6400 Elevation table
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Product description

box for CPU and box with 3 pcs drawers
for personal storage in softcoating
tabletops in black linoleum or softcoating

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The DO6400 height adjustable desk was developed for the Norwegian investment bank ABG Sundal Collier.

The personal computer is placed in a box with dust free ventilation. The heat from the PC is directed to the extraction area placed away from the user. Perforated aluminium panels ensure general noise reduction in the workspace. Socket for electrical and PDS computer and telephone connections deliver power to adjacent desks through aluminium cable panels that are isolated from the height adjustment mechanism of the individual desk. Direct connection of electrical equipment to the table takes place through the cable lid and the cable management fitting in aluminium to a cable tray under the desk equipped with 8 electrical sockets and 2 PDS sockets in the client’s national standard. The cables in the cable tray are gathered in braided sleeving and led directly to the box for further distribution.

Access to the technical part of the big box is through a lid on the inside of the box. 

The desk is delivered with one big box and a small distributor box or with two big boxes, one of which can hold a PC and the other of the same size but equipped with 3 drawers.

Separation of work stations is done with a screen wall installed with 5 mm wool felt on each side for optimal screening. Felt and screen fitting colours are optional.