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Tenet Writing desk
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Executive writing desk with the frame in plywood and veneer in maple available in two finishes: dove grey (fin.2B) and slate-grey (fin.2C). The top and the drawers are covered with saddle leather and the metal parts are painted in a bronze colour. It is available in two versions: with two counterposed heads or with one head and one chest of drawers, with one big drawer and an internal small one, to be positioned on the right or on the left.
The lateral part presents a door with a document holder in saddle leather and a flap door, with storage compartments, that can be used also as a shelf. It is also available in a version with right and left worktop, that has a chest of drawers with 2 revolving castors to be easily moved under the desk. The version with two counterposed heads is also available in a curved shape with modesty panel. The top can be equipped with a multi-socket, placed on the left or on the right, predisposed for 2 schuko sockets and 2 high-speed USB sockets, to which a swivel lectern with inductive charging for mobile phones is added.

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It's a piece that makes the space; an architectural feature that defines the room's purpose. It's the Tenet desk system by Massimo Scolari, available in two maple finishes: dove-grey and slate-grey. The surface and drawers are covered in leather, creating a pleasant visual and tactile contrast for an original work space. The inspiration is conceptual and comes from the name Tenet; a palindrome, which reads the same backwards as forwards, like the design of the desk's heads, which can have two heads, one at each end, or one head and a chest of drawers at the other end. With the aim of providing a flexible, customisable piece of furniture, Massimo Scolari has designed a range of details and accessories: a chest of drawers, leather document wallets, a fold-down flap that provides an additional surface, a lectern, sockets and an induction charger for mobile phones.