Product description

Application: Hospitality, Retail.
Material: Aluminum frames, stainless steel fasteners and parts support a variety of side panel materials.

Options: Panels - Hardwoods, Resins, Marble, Slate, Stainless Steel, Other Metals, Signboard or Photographic.
Features: Any 1/2" panel or combination of materials can be used.
Other Options: Panels may be etched with logos or directional signage.

Product family


Unify your design with DeepStream's trash and recycling bins in either 21 or 33 gallon models. Sturdy aluminum frames, and stainless steel fasteners and parts support your choice of side panels, including hardwoods, recycled plastic lumber, designer resins, marble, slate, stainless steel and other metals, signboard or photographic panels. The modular design makes any part easily replaceable when you are ready to change your look or in case of damage.