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Meet the next generation in roller blind technology. Roller blinds are one of the most
popular window covering systems in the world. However, the needs and requirements
for the product vary per country. Based on an inventory of those needs we present you
our Absolute Roller blind system with maximum modularity and countless functional
possibilities and styles. The Coulisse system is available for all window sizes up to a
large (L) variant for systems up to 4 x 4 meter.

- Available in manual and motorized.
- Modular concept: upgrade system from basic to full-option with minimum number of components.
- Wide variety finishes and colors.
- Easy assembly, installation and use.
- Equal cut-off sizes of all system-types.
- Options: side guidance, double roller, intermediate bracket (connected/double control).
- Extremely small light gaps.

All visible components are available in ABS as well as in metal. ABS components are available in six basic colors, metal components in six different finishes. For an optimal user experience, the chain mechanism in the metal system is the same as that of the ABS system, which is designed for smooth operation.

Maximum roller blind sizes
S: max. size 2 x 2 m
M: max. size 3 x 3 m
L: max. size 4 x 4 m

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Part of the collection ABSOLUTE ROLLER 2.0 SYSTEMS.
Manufacturer Coulisse
Family Square Cassette System Manual / Motorized
Architonic ID 20077559
Year of Launch 2019

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